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My parents have just been over for dinner with Dave and I and two very dear friends, Jane and Henry.

It was a great night, with memorable conversation fuelled by lamb roast, maple syrup and pecan puddings and red wine (pinot, naturally).

Over the course of the evening, it emerged that not only had Mum and Dad read my new blog, so had Henry and Jane. I was thrilled to have all of their support, however Mum was adamant that I quickly apprise all readers of an error I made yesterday.

It turns out it wasn’t Abbey Bridal in Brisbane that we used to visit when I was just past the terrible twos, but Gardams. Mum wanted me to let you all know as this is apparently integral to the story. Something to do with the amount of stairs in Gardams (monumental and over several storeys) vs the amount of stairs at Abbey Bridal (single storey, straightforward staircase).

In any case Mum, thank you to you and Dad for indulging my childhood love affair with weddings. It’s given me many happy memories over the years and I think it’s safe to say it has turned out for the best…


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