Lisa and Farid

Lisa is a former colleague of mine who I don’t get to see often enough. It was therefore a lovely surprise to get a phone call from her out of the blue one day.

She wanted to know if I could keep a secret. Despite having had a religious ceremony a few years ago, she and Farid had never been married legally and wanted to do so in front of everyone they held dear. As a surprise. On the tenth anniversary of the day that they met. Would I be interested in marrying them?Would I be interested? You bet!

And so on a bright February Sunday, Dave and I joined Farid, Lisa and their family and friends for a low-key barbecue in the backyard of their beautiful home. I won’t deny that it gave me a buzz to know that aside from just a few of us, no one knew what was coming.

When, during speeches to honour all that they have and those that they love, Lisa announced that they would be marrying, there were tears, cheers and about half an hour’s worth of hugs. Some guests arrived halfway through the ceremony (to be fair, they didn’t know there’d be a wedding!) and seeing their faces change as they worked out what was happening was just beautiful.

Lisa’s smile couldn’t have been any broader!

Best of all though, were the looks on Lisa and Farid’s faces. Every emotion was genuine and their happiness was infectious. When I pronounced them husband and wife, they embraced each other to whoops and claps that seemed to go forever.

Just married!

Then it was time for prawns, champagne and a whole lot of dancing.

I love what I do. Congratulations, my beautiful friends. xx Koren

Lisa and Farid, 13 February 2011
Venue: At home
Celebrant: Koren Harvey



  1. […] was with much sadness that I heard that the beautiful Farid lost his courageous battle with cancer last Friday. I married Farid and Lisa in February this year […]

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