Samantha and Phillip – Part I

From almost as far back as I can remember, my parents and their best friends, Annie and Frank, used to joke that their son Phil and I would marry each other. As it turned out, I did marry Phil.

Just not in the way that they had probably imagined.

I’ve known Phil since I was eight. We grew up next door to each other and yet to call him my neighbour diminishes the relationship somewhat. Phil (and his brother and sisters) are more like siblings to me. We kids did everything together, creating mischief and having the sorts of adventures great childhoods are made of.

As adults, the friendship between our neighbourhood gang has continued and expanded to include partners. From the time Phil first brought the beautiful Sam home five years ago, she was one of the gang. She laughed at our (usually terrible) jokes, wandered into the kitchen for a chat with whoever was there and always took the time to get to know the neighbourhood locals, whether they were kids, parents, or grandparents.

It was therefore no surprise when they became engaged whilst volunteering in Peru on a 9 month journey throughout South America – well, not to us at least. Sammy got something of a shock when Phil got down on bended knee in the orphanage in which they were working, not realising that he had worded up almost everyone there beforehand. Some clever soul filmed the proposal and I never, ever get tired of seeing their sheer excitement at being engaged. These two were just… well, made for each other.

Sam and Phil married at the stunning 333 Collins Street in May this year.  I have so much to say about their beautiful wedding – and so many beautiful photos to show off – that I’ve decided to do this in two posts. In the meantime, enjoy some of the images from their wedding day from the immensely talented Tatiana of Red Butterfly Photography.



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