Julia and Michael

Do you remember that day in March that poured? I do, but not for the rain. I remember it because it was the day when two best friends got married.

Andrea Colvin Photography

Julia and Michael have been inseparable for longer than anyone can remember. They were friends first – best friends. It wasn’t until Michael moved to the UK  that each began to acknowledge the feelings they had for one another went somewhat deeper than just friendship.

Andrea Colvin Photography

That Christmas, Michael took a gamble and arranged for a shiny present from Tiffany’s for Jules back in Melbourne. Just in case Jules hadn’t got the hint, her sister informed her that ‘friends don’t give friends heart shaped necklaces’. Michael, meanwhile, was holidaying in the Austrian alps and endured a nervous wait until he was back in the reach of mobile reception to find out what Jules thought of his gift! (It’s safe to say she liked it).

Andrea Colvin Photography

Michael returned home the following year and they set about building a life together. Some time later, he arranged for Jules to be picked up from work one day in a chauffeured car. Thinking that Michael had arranged this as a birthday surprise, Jules was driven around Melbourne and given instructions to go into various stores and ask if there was anything there for her.

After stopping to pick up a CD of their favourite songs, a bunch of flowers and a bottle of bubbles she was taken to a Yarra Valley vineyard, where her best friend was waiting to ask her to be his wife. Michael had been scouting venues for the two weekends prior, and Jules had no idea until she came across him amongst the vines. When they told me this story at our first meeting, I was like a nodding dog in the back of a car. ‘And then? And then?’ I couldn’t believe the amount of thought and romance that had gone into it.

Andrea Colvin Photography

They approached their wedding with the same thoughtfulness, planning a ceremony that included their family and friends and showed off their sense of fun. After a rehearsal in 40 degree heat the week before, the heavens opened on their wedding day but I don’t think either of them really noticed. I certainly didn’t. My memories are of the applause that filled the marquee when Jules and her Dad entered, the beaming grin on Michael’s face and endless applause when they embraced for the first time as husband and wife.

Andrea Colvin Photography

From my first meeting with Julia and Michael it felt like we’d been hanging out for years. We chatted and laughed for well over an hour and every subsequent meeting we had felt like a social catch up.

Congratulations to you both, you gorgeous things. You truly made this the best job in the world and I can’t wait for our next catch up over a glass of vino or two! xx Koren

Julia and Michael, 3 March 2012
Venue: Rippon Lea, Elsternwick
Photos: Andrea Colvin Photography 
Celebrant: Koren Harvey



  1. Brigette Barson-Cole says:

    Such a beautiful story Koren, almost brought tears to my eyes. You write so well, and I can only imagine the beautiful day that these two love-birds prepared. It looked like a gorgeous day, what a celebration! Keep them coming!

    • Oh, Brig, you’ll make me blush! Thank you for your lovely words. Their story is even better when told by them, it honestly reads like it should be a film!

      Jules and Michael’s was one of those glorious days that just makes you feel thrilled to be a part of it and so grateful for the opportunity to get to know them. A definite perk of this job! xx

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