Ilsa and Nathan

I can’t look at photos of Ilsa and Nathan’s wedding without a little sigh of happiness escaping. A couple so very in love, their dear baby boy and all the people who love them. I can’t think of anything better.

Milk Photography

They met in a bar one night when Ilsa made her way across the room to Nathan. He was so surprised that this beautiful woman had singled him out that he had trouble believing she was serious! Luckily, she was – they both were – and they fell in love almost on the spot. Fast-forward a few years and they got engaged, had their so-cute-it-hurts son, Oscar, and eight months later, married.

Milk Photography

Their wedding took place at the ultra-chic Church 364 in Richmond, late on a Saturday afternoon. The rear courtyard was decorated with dozens of candles, flickering in glass, and an incredible floral display that needs to be seen to be believed.

Milk Photography

Oscar, looking adorable in his little outfit complete with buttonhole, happily waved at everyone from his Dad’s arms until Ilsa arrived. She walked down the aisle with her Mum to Coldplay’s Green Eyes and both Nathan and Oscar’s faces lit up at the sight of her.

Milk Photography

Ilsa and Nathan wrote their vows themselves and the first line still makes my breath catch. They began,

‘You have already given me the two greatest gifts of my life – your love, and our beautiful child, Oscar.’

I’ve got goosebumps just typing that.

Milk Photography

There was so much love and joy in that room. Love for one another, love for Oscar, love for family, love for friends.

When we were discussing what would go into the ceremony, both of them made it clear to me that they wanted each other’s unwavering love for Oscar acknowledged. Nathan told me that his strongest and happiest memory of Ilsa was how ‘amazing’ she was on the day Oscar was born and Ilsa told me proudly that there is nothing Nathan wouldn’t do for their son.

Milk Photography

Ilsa and Nathan are such a genuine, friendly couple that it’s impossible not to fall a little bit in love with them. And as for Oscar – Ilsa, I’m volunteering for babysitting duty right here!

They are a living embodiment of everything family and love should be and it was an honour to share this day with them.

Milk Photography

Thank you for the pleasure, Ilsa and Nathan. xx Koren

(Mel from Milk Photography took so many beautiful photos I couldn’t narrow them down, so below are a few more for you to enjoy!)

Milk Photography

Milk Photography

Milk Photography

Ilsa and Nathan, 10 March 2012
Venue: Church 364, Richmond
Photos: Milk Photography (you can see more of Mel’s beautiful shots here)
Styling: Weddings of Desire
Flowers: Peony Blooms
Ilsa’s dress: Anna Campbell 
Celebrant: Koren Harvey


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