Hannah and Leigh

Are you comfortable? Warm? Do you have something to eat at hand? Glass of water, too?


I only ask because once you clap eyes on Hannah and Leigh’s wedding, you won’t be moving for a while. You’ll be like me, immobile and gaping at the gorgeousness of their day.

Lisa Leek Photography

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Hannah and Leigh is bubbly. They’re both infectiously happy people and Hannah’s killer laugh is instantly endearing. You simply can’t be around them without being swept up in their unfailing enthusiasm for every part of life, even the everyday things. It’s beautiful to watch.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of their wedding is bright. Bright smiles, bright personalities and bright, vividly coloured flowers, all under a wide autumn sky.

Lisa Leek Photography

In a fun twist on the tradition in which the groom doesn’t know what the bride will wear, Leigh also kept his outfit secret from Hannah. This resulted in many laughs at our final rehearsal, when there may or may not have been jokes about velour tuxedos and designer trackies!

On the day however, I don’t know that either of them really took in what the other was wearing. Just the way they looked. Radiant. Euphoric. In love.

Lisa Leek Photography

Hannah and Leigh asked their beloved  Mums to do a reading together, called ‘On Your Wedding Day’. The reading turned out to be one of the most emotional moments of the ceremony. Both Mums choked up and with their arms around each other, finished lines for one another when the tears became too much. It was a powerful, personal and loving moment.

We also spoke about the things that bring Hannah and Leigh joy in their life together. Things like spending time with their family and friends, travelling, being outdoors and supporting each other. Most of all though, taking the opportunity to enjoy the little things they do on a daily basis together – talking, hugging and laughing.

Lisa Leek Photography

Before their wedding, I’d advised Hannah and Leigh to rehearse their kiss – after all, it can be daunting kissing each other in front of a hundred cheering, clapping, photograph-taking friends. The photo above was taken just as Leigh informed me that after a fair bit of practice, they were ready for their first kiss as husband and wife. I’m proud to say they did an excellent job of it, too!

Lisa Leek Photography

Lisa Leek Photography

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs P! Your marriage reminded me once more of why I love being a celebrant so much. It’s the honest emotion of real moments between two people in love, and the joy and pride of the people who love them.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to witness and share in your joy. xx Koren

Lisa Leek Photography

Hannah and Leigh, 31 March 2012
Venue: Yarra Ranges Estate, Monbulk
Photos: The extremely talented Lisa Leek of Lisa Leek Photography. You can see more of Hannah and Leigh’s beautiful wedding at Lisa’s blog.
Celebrant: Koren Harvey


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