Sara and Leigh

I love autumn weddings. There’s something about the combination of crisp air, vibrantly coloured leaves and dappled sunlight that makes them quite magical, which is a perfect way to describe Sara and Leigh’s wedding.

Tess Follett Photography

The weather aside, most of the magic came from who Sara and Leigh are. Not only are they two of the most stylish people I’ve ever met, they’re also among the friendliest. I think you can get a sense of them just by looking at these photos.

They’re funny. They’re warm. They’re generous. They’re inspiring. They’re loving.

Most of all, they’re a perfect match for each other.

Tess Follett Photography

After a sudden hailstorm at the rehearsal that saw us all rather comically bolting for cover, it was a relief to see clear skies the day of their marriage. Family and friends gathered in Prahran’s Victoria Gardens where the setting sun, russet leaves and lush, formal gardens were the perfect backdrop to their wedding.

Sara entered on her Dad’s arm to Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine. Trees hid her from view until she was at the top of the aisle and I can still recall Leigh’s sharp intake of breath when he saw her. In her Gwendolynne gown she was the very model of serenity and timeless beauty.

Tess Follett Photography

Sara and Leigh wanted a relaxed ceremony that honoured their relationship, the things they’re grateful for, the people they love and the future they’re building together. They included their siblings through roles in the bridal party and readings, with Sara’s brother and Leigh’s sister sharing a reading put together by the bride and groom. Sara and Leigh had painstakingly gone through many Bob Marley songs, selecting lyrics that resonated with them until they had a moving and honest tribute to love.

Sara and Leigh chose to write their own vows and neither of them had seen what the other had written beforehand. I have to confess, I love it when couples do this. It gives guests another insight into the couple’s personalities and what’s important to them. Most importantly, it provides the couple with an opportunity to say what’s in their heart.

Tess Follett Photography

Both sets of vows were brilliant and received with laughter and tears. Leigh framed his in a series of promises, getting a big laugh when he promised not to interrupt Sara when her favourite television shows are on. Sara, meanwhile, thanked Leigh for all that he had brought to her life, including a now strong appreciation of the amount of time one man can spend stretching!

They were pronounced husband and wife to cheers from not only their guests but from walkers, picnickers and anyone else who happened to be in the park at the time. So much beauty, so much love was coming from them that even the most casual passer-by couldn’t help but get caught up in it.

Tess Follett Photography

I’ve caught up with Sara and Leigh since their wedding and they told me it was one of the best days of their lives. Why? Because they got to celebrate their relationship surrounded by the people they love most. If there’s a better reason, I can’t think of it.

Congratulations, Sara and Leigh! Thank you so very much for the pleasure of witnessing your joy. xx Koren

Sara and Leigh, 14 April 2012
Venue: Victoria Gardens, Prahran
Photos: Tess Follett Photography (I love how very ‘Melbourne’ these shots are! For more, see Tess’ blog here.)
Bridal gown: Gwendolynne
Celebrant: Koren Harvey


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