Carla and Peter

Do you believe in fate? The kind that means we’re pre-destined to meet people at certain points in our lives? I wasn’t sure that I did, but then I met Carla and Peter.

Alex Pavlou Photography

Their meeting is one that could quite easily have never happened. After a night out at Crown, Carla and Peter were each making their way home early one Sunday morning. Carla had sprained her ankle after a few too many dance moves in some seriously lethal platform boots and was limping across the car park. Peter was walking with his friends through the very same car park and noticed the fair lady’s distress.

Being a true gentleman, he offered to piggyback her across Clarendon St. Carla accepted his gracious offer and they chatted all the way to Carla’s car. When it became clear that each was too shy to ask for the other’s number, Carla’s best friend, Anita, stepped in and insisted that they exchange digits before each went their own way home.

Alex Pavlou Photography

If either of them had decided not to go out that night, if Carla had decided not to wear her injury-causing boots, if Peter hadn’t offered to help her and if Anita hadn’t stepped in, we may not have been celebrating their wedding earlier this year.  So many ifs, so much scope for things not to happen.

But all of the above did happen, and so on 22 April, six and a half years after they first met, Peter and Carla became husband and wife.

Alex Pavlou Photography

They married at the stunning 333 Collins Street, Melbourne.  This incredible venue has a beautifully long corridor and Carla used it to full advantage for her entrance. Her flower girl and bridesmaids entered first and Peter kept his back turned until Carla entered the main hall on her Dad’s arm. She walked in to Marry You by Bruno Mars and timed it perfectly so that the bells at the end of the song were chiming as she reached the side of a very relieved Peter.

In a twist on the giving away of the bride, we asked both Carla and Peter’s parents to give their blessing to the marriage.  All four parents stood and proudly stated their support for their children before Carla and Peter said moving vows that they had written themselves.

Alex Pavlou Photography

Their witnesses were, fittingly, Carla’s friend Anita (who had encouraged the exchanging of numbers all those years ago) and Peter’s godmother. They were then embraced by a seemingly endless line of happy friends and family, before hitting the road in some seriously cool Mustangs.

Congratulations to a beautiful couple who made me believe in the power of fate. It was my pleasure to work with you on your wedding and I wish you every joy in your future as husband and wife!

xx Koren

Alex Pavlou Photography

Carla and Peter, 22 April 2012
Venue: 333 Collins Street, Melbourne
Photos: Alex Pavlou
Celebrant: Koren Harvey


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