Penny and Glyn

Sometimes I am surrounded by so much beauty I struggle to take it all in. I’m not just talking about physical beauty, but about the beauty of emotions, the beauty of people of all ages and backgrounds who care for each other coming together and the beauty of small moments.

Penny and Glyn’s wedding was one of these occasions.

Warren Photography

They met on the first day of high school in Sydney and were part of the same friendship group all the way through uni. It was only once they were nearing the end of their tertiary studies that they became a couple. Not long after this, Glyn was transferred to Melbourne for work. They told me that it was (ironically) perfect timing on their part – they spend over ten years living a few streets from one another, then as soon as they became a couple, one of them moves states!

Such was their bond, however, that a mere 900kms weren’t going to get in their way. After enduring two and a half years of flights back and forth, Penny transferred to Melbourne to be with Glyn. They set up a life and a home together and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Warren Photography

They took off on a month-long overseas holiday a week after becoming engaged. Both Penny and Glyn say that the time spent overseas, just the two of them, allowed the realisation of the life ahead of them to sink in and they returned home even more excited about their marriage.

A year after Glyn’s romantic proposal, they married at the stunning Stones of the Yarra Valley (one of my all time favourite venues). Stones is at its best in autumn when all the leaves are changing colours, the days are crisp and the light is golden.

Warren Photography

It was touching to watch Glyn in the moments before Penny arrived. He was so full of nervous anticipation he couldn’t keep still, but as soon as Penny and her Dad appeared in the doorway, he calmed immediately. Absolutely breathtaking in her Mariana Hardwick gown, Penny entered to a live rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D by Amati String Quartet. You couldn’t wipe the smile off her or Glyn’s faces from that moment on.

Warren Photography

Penny and Glyn had written down some of the things they love about each other to incorporate into the ceremony. They were little things, such as sharing a bottle of wine on the couch and talking about their day, but these small moments of intimacy speak volumes about what they both value. Taking the time to be with one another, to appreciate one another, to reflect on their relationship and all it has brought them.

Warren Photography

Their friends read two passages on marriage; an excerpt from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the wise Apache Blessing before emotions ran high when they got to their vows. It can be nerve-wracking for a couple when they say their vows, but Penny and Glyn weren’t daunted. They made their vows with such sincerity and emotion that nearly all of their family and friends were wiping away tears and photographer extraordinaire John Warren caught a beautiful moment when Glyn’s sisters gave in to their feelings.

Warren Photography

Glyn and Penny emerged from the Chapel into a shower of rose petals before taking a wander in the golden light of the vines with John and the talented crew from C2 Video. (You can watch the video of their day here. Be warned: it is stunning). They then made their way across to the Barn with their family and friends for a party that went well into the night.

Warren Photography

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs J. The way you feel about each other comes across in every single thing you do and it is so clear that at the heart of your relationship is a strong and abiding friendship. It was my absolute honour to be part of your day.
xx Koren

Penny and Glyn, 19 May 2012
Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley
Bride’s gown: Mariana Hardwick
Photographer: John at Warren Photography. More photos here.
Videographer: C2 Video. See the full video (it is AMAZING) here.
Florist: Blooming Brides
Musicians: Amati String Quartet
Koren Harvey 


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