Corinne and Greg

I have known Corinne and Greg for almost as long as they’ve been a couple, give or take a few weeks. Greg’s sister Jess and I met in a Tokyo hotel en route to New York, where I was going to visit my parents and she was going to visit her boyfriend (now husband). We became friends and upon our respective returns to Australia a few weeks later, we caught up for a barbecue at her family home. It was there that I met her parents, her brother Greg and his new girlfriend, Corinne.

Jason Vannan Photography

Jason Vannan Photography

While Jess was in the US visiting her beloved Mike, Greg was finding his very own sweetheart. He and Corinne met on a night out while queuing for drinks. Corinne was dancing as she waited in line and Greg thought that she looked like a fun person to know. Seconds later, he walked up to her and introduced himself.

Their relationship was nearly over before it began when Greg misheard Corinne’s name in the buzzing atmosphere of the bar and called her Katrina instead – the name of her sister. Thankfully, he recovered swiftly from his faux pas and bought Corinne a drink to make up for it. Numbers were exchanged and by the time Jess and I returned from New York, Corinne and Greg were well and truly a couple.


Seven years later, after Greg had been subjected to hearing Skyhooks’ All My Friends Are Getting Married every time he went to a wedding, he and Corinne married at the picturesque Nathania Springs in Monbulk.

It was a ceremony defined by their love of their families, their friends  – and laughter. This was the first wedding I’ve had where the groom and groomsmen were biting back giggles as the processional began! Greg, nervously wiping his face, managed to lop the head off the flower in his buttonhole just as the music began to play. Greg’s best man was quick to the rescue, picking up the errant bud and placing it in Greg’s pocket so that everyone could compose themselves by the time Corinne arrived at the top of the aisle.


We began the ceremony by thanking Greg and Corinne’s parents for the constant and unconditional love and support they have shown their children before talking about the life that Corinne and Greg share. At the centre of their life is their home, for it is there that they entertain friends and family, share evening cuddles on the couch and raise their darling dog Lucy Bear together.

Guests heard how there is no sound in the world that Greg loves more than Corinne’s laugh, and we learned  from Corinne that Greg is secretly a big romantic, planning surprise weekends away and thinking of every little detail to make it perfect.

Jason Vannan Photography

Jason Vannan Photography

Readings from Jess and Corinne’s sister were followed by their vows and then, to much applause, I had the great pleasure of pronouncing my dear friends to be husband and wife!

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs R. All my love and best wishes for the many happy years to come. xx Koren
Corinne and Greg, 15 June 2012
Venue: Nathania Springs
Photographer: Jason Vannan Photography
Celebrant: Koren Harvey