About Koren

Warren Photography

Warren Photography

Koren Harvey is an authorised marriage celebrant who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. 

I love living in the middle of the buzzing, vibrant city that is Melbourne, yet still close enough to the wonders of the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road.

I like tulips, soft lighting, pearls, cinnamon, autumn leaves, pinot noir and Swedish linen.

I would bake every day if I could.

I speak fluent German, a touch of Swedish and high school Indonesian. I fancy that because I can sniff out a pain au chocolat at 50 paces, I can also speak French (I can’t).

My obsession with candle holders has seen my fiancé ban me from buying any more of them.

I love standing with a groom waiting for his bride to arrive and watching the emotions well up in his eyes.

I love seeing the joy on a bride’s face when she catches sight of her husband-to-be.

I love being around love in all its forms – romantic, familial, platonic.

Being a celebrant is the best job in the world.


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