Ai Mie and Mark

I dare you to look at the photos of Ai Mie and Mark’s February wedding and not smile. Go on. It’s near impossible!

Ai Mie and Mark are two seriously cool kids (just check out Ai Mie’s gorgeous dress and Mark’s cheeky pocket square) who happen to be completely unaware of how cool they are. Combine that with being genuinely lovely people and photogenic to boot and you have what I call a gorgeousness triple threat!

Friendly and laidback,  Mark and Ai Mie wanted a relaxed ceremony that honoured tradition without being stuffy. They gave me a lot of freedom in planning their ceremony but also had some very fresh ideas of their own.

One of the best parts of being a celebrant is standing with the groom waiting for the bride to arrive. Grooms are almost always overcome with emotion right before she gets there (I’m yet to meet one that wasn’t) and yet they all calm down as soon as they catch sight of their beloved.

Ai Mie and her bridesmaids walked in to one of her favourite songs, As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys. The girls timed it so that Ai Mie entered right on the chorus and it was so perfect that I now struggle to think of it as anything but a wedding entrance song!

One of my favourite moments of the day came when Mark began his vows. Ai Mie started to cry, taking herself – and all of us – by surprise. And I’m not talking little tears. I’m talking big, emotive, noisy sobs. She then turned to everyone gathered and cracked us all up with an apology because ‘I hate girls who cry!’

Both music lovers, Mark and Ai Mie used songs to infuse the ceremony with their personalities. One of their readings was the first two verses and chorus from Guns n’ Roses classic, Sweet Child O’ Mine. Go on. Have a listen. You’d be surprised at how suited it is to a wedding.

And as they married on a Friday, care to guess what they left their ceremony to? Yep, that’d be Friday, I’m in Love by the Cure. I told you these guys were awesome!

Following their wedding, they took off for a safari honeymoon in Africa.

Seriously. Cool. Kids.

Ai Mie and Mark were so much fun to work with – I don’t know that I have ever laughed so much preparing for, during and after a ceremony.  Sigh. I love what I do! xx Koren

Ai Mie and Mark, 25 February 2011
Venue: 3 Station Pier
Photos: the incredible John Warren of Warren Photography. More photos here.
Event styling: Balwyn Events
Bridal hair and make-up: S.A.S.S.Y
Celebrant: Koren Harvey