Carmel and Damien

Intimate. Family-focused. Vineyard.

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These were the words Carmel and Damien used to describe their wedding to me when we first met. Their description of their wedding combined with the laughs and fantastic time we had at our first meeting had me so keen to marry them that I ended up doing one of my patented wedding rain dances, which basically involves me jumping around the living room, repeating ‘PLEASE pick me!’ over and over again. (Obviously not in front of them. That would be weird).

The rain dance worked and in April this year, we gathered at Glen Erin Retreat in Lancefield for their wedding. Carmel and Damien chose Glen Erin for its wide open spaces, country hospitality and on-site accommodation. This meant that all their guests could get ready at the venue and then retire to their rooms at the end of the night, effectively keeping the party going all night long.

Immerse Photography

This also meant that Damien was a very relaxed groom, having had time to mingle and relax with everyone before Carmel arrived. She walked down the aisle on her Dad’s arm to the Etta James standard, At Last, preceded by her adorable niece and nephew. Once Carmel reached Damien they held on to each other tightly, arms wrapped around each other’s waists.

Carmel and Damien chose to surprise each other by writing how they would describe the other to a stranger and keeping it a secret until their wedding day. Damien phrased his by describing how you’d recognise Carmel in different situations – at the football, at a party, at their home – and Carmel described what Damien looks like, what he’s skilled at and what he enjoys, finishing with how he makes her feel. There were more than a few tears generated by these honest and moving statements and the insight they gave into their relationship.

Immerse Photography

Damien and Carmel said their vows in front of a setting autumn sun, both tearing up a little. It was hard not to be affected by the emotion of their vows and the sincerity with which they spoke them. I pronounced them husband and wife to big cheers and the sound of Ben E King. When we signed the register, Carmel promptly punched Damien in the arm and told him off for writing a better description than she did! (For the record, they were of an equally great calibre!).

They then partied on with family and friends until the wee hours, aided by one huge lolly bar.

Immerse Photography


Congratulations, Mr and Mrs T! I’m so happy my rain dance worked – being your celebrant was fun, moving and such a joy. I wish you so much love.
xx Koren

Carmel and Damien, 28 April 2012
Venue: Glen Erin Retreat
Photographer: Beth, Immerse Photography. More photos available here.
Celebrant: Koren Harvey