Sunshine all year round

Dave and I celebrated our third anniversary in June this year. It honestly feels like this boy has been in my life forever and yet like we’ve only just begun, so that we’ve clocked up 3 years almost took me by surprise.  We celebrated with dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and small gifts for each other.

Three years and counting...

In the early days we celebrated each ‘month-iversary’ with small tokens of our affection and special dinners out. Fast-forward to year 3 and occasionally one of us will bring home some chocolate, wine or a book for the other on the 6th of the month, but generally we save our gift-giving for the annual anniversary.

Which is why I was equally thrilled and dismayed when I saw this gorgeous print on Etsy from artist handz in January this year.

By Etsy vendor Handz

The bright colours and bold typeface instantly appealed to me and as Dave and I regularly sing (off-key, naturally) ‘You are my sunshine’ to one another, it seemed a perfect gift. And yet our anniversary was still 6 months away! How could I give it to Dave before then? What to do?

Well, I counted.

And worked out that we were coming up to 1,000 days of dating. Care to guess what Dave received when we hit that milestone?

Sunshine now graces our living room wall.

I also couldn’t help but think that this print would make beautiful engagement party/wedding decor, especially when paired with some of handz’s other retro -styled work. Then there’s the added bonus of being able to display them in your home afterwards!

Perfect as decor or a gift!

Now I just need to find more dates to celebrate – and some extra wall space!


All you need is love

It was with much sadness that I heard that the beautiful Farid lost his courageous battle with cancer last Friday. I married Farid and Lisa in February this year and my heart broke for them and the years together that they had been so cruelly denied.

In the short time that I knew Farid, he taught me that The Beatles had it right. All you need is, in fact, love.

On their wedding day, Farid and Lisa were aware that their time together was limited. Neither knew when it would run out, but they were determined to pack as much love and memories into their lives as possible.  They maintained positive outlooks and had long ago adopted the viewpoint that whatever came their way, they would face it. Together.

Lisa and Farid’s wedding was simple and sincere, just as they wanted it. No processions, no readings, no standing on ceremony – just honest and heartfelt statements that attested to how they feel, and would always feel, about the other. It was so moving to witness and left me thinking about it for days afterwards.

I still think about it now.

Cancer may have taken Farid from us, but it will never take away the love that Lisa and Farid share, or the love that all their family and friends are cocooning them both in now.

Vale Farid, a much loved and loving man.