Chloe and Tom

If the word adorable was to be represented in a picture, I’m pretty sure it would look like the photo below.

Slick Shoots Photography

Meet Chloe and Tom, an absolutely beautiful couple in every sense of the word. They were both so excited to be getting married, yet super relaxed about the process. This may have had something to do with Chloe’s incredible organisational skills – when I asked if there were any colours I shouldn’t wear on the day (to avoid clashing with the bride/bridesmaids), Chloe opened up her folder and whipped out a swatch of fabric to show me what hue they’d be in!

Chloe knew that Tom was the one for her when she went away for her birthday just a few weeks after they met. Upon her return, she learned that Tom had come around, introduced himself to her aunty (who she was living with at the time) and left her a rose and a beautiful card. Tom, for his part, said he knew that Chloe was the one for him when she decided to go sky-diving – he thought ‘this girl is perfect’!

Slick Shoots Photography

They married in the Royal Botanic Gardens in October. Friends and family gathered on the Tennyson Lawn, where Tom was a gregarious host, welcoming and hugging family and friends in between bouts of emotion. Tom had warned me before the day that he may get emotional and he was true to his word! We called for the tissues more than once before Chloe arrived, but as with most grooms, Tom calmed as soon as he saw his beloved.

At the centre of Chloe and Tom’s relationship is their shared love of family, so plenty of references were made to this in their ceremony. Chloe’s cousins and Tom’s godson were the pageboys, and Chloe and Tom’s mothers acted as the witnesses to their marriage.

Chloe and Tom were keen to include others in the writing of their ceremony, so they asked Chloe’s aunty, Tara (who Tom first introduced himself to so long ago) and their good friend Leanne to each select a reading that they felt represented Chloe and Tom’s relationship. The bride and groom didn’t hear them until their wedding day and were touched by what had been chosen. Tara wrote a piece especially for the occasion and Leanne chose a beautiful poem called ‘The One’.

It was a joyous ceremony, made all the more so by Chloe and Tom’s obvious excitement. More than anything else, they were thrilled to be marrying one another with all the people they care about looking on.

Slick Shoots Photography

Immediately after their ceremony, Chloe and Tom climbed aboard a waiting boat and took off for photos with their bridal party before a waterfront reception. The photos taken by Slick Shoots Photography make me wish I’d jumped aboard with them – it looks like they had a ball!

Congratulations, Chloe and Tom! It was my pleasure to work with you and I wish you every happiness in your married life. xx Koren

Chloe and Tom, 15 October 2011
Venue: Tennyson Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens
Photos: The lovely and talented Kim and Steve from Slick Shoots Photography. More photos available here.
Celebrant: Koren Harvey